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Phase I
FACETS - "I want to see me free..."

The word 'facet' is defined as: "...one side of something many-sided, especially of a cut gem."


At The Free Indeed Project, we firmly believe it is vital to understand who we are and the facets that make us who we are while clearly understanding we are priceless gems.

Women coming from incarcerated circumstances often return to the same state of affairs they left upon their arrest. Same people, places, and things trigger their mindset to return to what they know and familiarized.


Our FACETS Day program strives to provide a new environment for these women. A natural environment will cause them to see themselves differently and equip them to make qualitative decisions regardless of their external circumstances.

Phase I focuses on 'self.' We believe our primary focus in dealing with trauma and distressing situations is strengthening our inner self. In our first year, we work with the women in developing mind, body, and spirit.


Our day program curriculum consists of:

New Client Enlistment and Assessment – they complete a demographic questionnaire, personality assessment, and gifts assessment.

Orientation – here, the clients will be introduced to the day program curriculum and program facilitators.

Mentoring and Peer Support – the women will be paired with qualified mentors vetted through our program for continued support.

Spiritual Enrichment – open discussions

Self Portrait and Values Assessments – here, the women will begin to recognize some of the root causes of their decisions. Discussions will be facilitated that dig deeper into the principle of cause and effect.

Health Education – Healthcare professionals, will coordinate with the clients to discuss their health options and needs. Nutritionists will educate the clients on healthy eating choices. Exercise professionals will facilitate classes to address physical wellness through movement [i.e., Yoga, Zumba, Exercise]

Mental Health Support – Mental health professionals, will facilitate group discussions and one-on-one sessions with the clients.