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4822 Albemarle Road

Suite 210/270

Charlotte, NC 28205  |   980-201-9216

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The Free Indeed Project of Charlotte offer volunteer opportunities?

A: YES! Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our operations and we are currently recruiting individuals with a variety of talents! Click here to submit your interest.

Q: Does The Free Indeed Project accept all donations? (Clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture)

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept all types of donations at this time. We are currently accepting inspirational books, notebooks, journals, pens, art supplies, headphones, snacks, drinks, and gift cards.

Q: Does The Free Indeed Project accept anyone into their program? Are there restrictions?

A: Our client population is women formerly incarcerated or at risk of incarceration. Unfortunately, because we are realistic about our capabilities, we are not currently equipped to accept individuals with weapons charges, assault charges, murder charges, arson, registered sex offenders, or transgender individuals [male to female], these are the restrictions.

Q: Does The Free Indeed Project offer health and wellness classes?

A: YES! Our client curriculum offers classes that enhance the mind, body, and spirit!

Q: How do you receive your referrals?

A: We receive referrals from a variety of sources. Our primary referral source is the Mecklenburg County Detention Center; however, we are open to receiving referrals from other agencies, churches, and organizations. To obtain a referral form, please contact us.

Q: Can a person with a felony or on probation be accepted into the program?

A: YES! We accept individuals with felonies or on probation into the program as long as they meet the criteria detailed above.

Q: Can someone participant in the program who has not been incarcerated?

A: YES! We accept referrals from other organizations, agencies, Department of Health and Human Services, and churches.

Q: Does your program accept Spanish speaking clients?

A: Unfortunately, while we aspire to reach our Hispanic population at some point in our development, we are not there yet. Our Executive Director is Hispanic, so she has a passion to reach these individuals. Please stay tuned for our Hispanic launch!


4822 Albemarle Road

Suite 210/270, Charlotte, NC 28205




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