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"...I now live free indeed!"

I firmly believe that you can't teach what you don't know!

My passion for seeing women live free in their minds, body, and spirit stems from my circumstances and the journey of repairing and overcoming.

I understand loss, poverty, condemnation, and judgment.

I did jail time for various misdemeanors and felonies.

I sought solace in recreational drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous behavior.

My poison was hurting " me, " and I drank it daily for over fifteen years.

I knew God and ran as far away from Him as possible with every fiber of my being.

Interestingly, my greatest desire to kill myself was God's greatest desire to fulfill His purpose for my destiny!

My destiny?

To teach what I now know about living - free indeed!

Janet Butts, is the Founder and Executive Director of The Free Indeed Project of Charlotte.


Janet is an ordained Chaplain, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She is currently living her best life because she's doing what she loves most - creating opportunities for leadership development of under-served women. Her passion to be a change agent in her community for women who suffer from substance abuse and recidivism stems from her personal experiences and overcoming.

Janet never shies away from challenges, as is evident from a 2017 automobile accident where she lost her left hand. She has learned to live as an amputee but never succumbs to the incident. Instead, she allows this circumstance to be the perfect opportunity to reinvent and love herself and those around her more.

Her personal Christian beliefs have sustained her from a young age. Although she swayed on occasion, she never wavered in her confidence and trust in God that she would someday be an influencer.

Today, she is the CEO of her business J and E Enterprises of Charlotte, and she is committed to work alongside disenfranchised women to overcome their most significant obstacles through her work at The Free Indeed Project of Charlotte.

Janet is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Kandyce and Elysha, Mother in Law to Summers, and proud Grandma.

Janet sees her life as just getting started and looks forward to all life offers with zeal and enthusiasm!

Janet's autobiography, "I May Not Be Michelle Obama, But I Turned Out Pretty Good, Anyway!" will be available in the Fall of 2022

Contact Janet

I am always looking for new and exciting individuals to enhance our programs and services. If you have a heart for our work - let's connect!



4822 Albemarle Road

Suite 210/270, Charlotte, NC 28205




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